Bareks has ;

ISO 27001:2013 certificate,

ISO 9001:2008 certificate,

ISO 14001:2004 cerificate,

BRC-IOP (British Retailers Consorsium) Version 5 certificate

Bareks is  B Group Member of Sedex and was audited.

TPM Implementations has started in 2014.

About TPM – Total Productive Management;

TPM system was developed by JIPM – “Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance”. System generally aims to increase productivity by lessening losses, decreasing costs, and to reach business results such as “zero defect product”, “zero stoppage”, “zero accident” in target fields.

JIPM has been giving TPM award to successful applicant firms across the world since 1971.

TPM at Bareks;

As of the year 2014,  TPM system implementation is started in our company.  TPM is focused on improvement of operational processes and it is aimed to increase productivity of the Bareks Company.

During the year 2014;

TPM general training was given to Top and Middle Management.

Data collection phase and pilot area activies has been completed. It’s been started to measure productivity of the production lines’ as OEE- Overall Equipment Effectiveness. Production loss structure and customer claim statistics were determined.

Three working groups was initiated,  looking into: environmental conditions, product recipees and width - thickness combinations. 

Expansion Phase is started in June 2014, by the establishment of four pillars; “Focused Improvement”, “Autonomous Maintenance”, “Planned Maintenance” and “Office” pillars. Daily management system was started in parallel to the “Focused Improvement” pillar.

“Single Event Analyses” were done on the complaints of the clients that happened for just once or twice in spite of quality teamworks.

Installation phase of our new blown film line was being conducted according to Early Equipment Management methodology.   

Future plans;

As of the year 2015 it’s decided to take the consulting support of JMAC (Japan Management Association Consultants).

Beside it is planned to establish new four more pillars in 2015 as; “Training&Education”, “Quality”, “Early Management”, “Safety, Hygiene and Environment” pillars.

And Bareks will continue to develop infrastructure for TPM activities.

At the end of 2016, it is planned to apply for TPM Operational Excellence Award and is aimed to win the award in 2017.