Lidding Film Applications

By special recipies of Bareks on universal peelable film area; the solutions are available for different kinds of trays including PET, PVC, PS, PP, PE.

Universal Peelable films can have different peel strenghts upon demand;

  • Strong peelable features to PS and PP trays
  • Good peelable features to PVC and PET trays
  • adjustable peel force for PET, PVC and aluminium trays

While opening the structure; Bareks films keep the form of foil as it is, the foil preventing the deformation of structure after openning and the surface remains smooth.

Bareks Universal Peelable Films are suitable for lamination with PET, OPP, PVC, Metallized PET, Metallized OPP, ALU, OPA or Paper.

Please find below TDS of some related codes.

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